The KM Music Conservatory

The KM Music Conservatory is a multidisciplinary music education center inaugurated in 2008 by music director A. R. Rahman’s foundation. The institution, located near his studios in Kodambakkam, Chennai, is partnered with Audio Media Education facility to tutor and train aspiring musicians in vocals, instruments, music technology and sound design.

The conservatory was formed to boost acoustic instrument training, as well as cater to the high interest in electronics generally. It has tie up with Audio Media Education Who is India’s first Apple authorized training center in which students are directly certified by Apple Inc. The conservatory’s guest faculty and advisory panel includes musicians Dr. L. Subramaniam, Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, opera tenor Matthew Smith, percussionist Srinivas Krishnan, pianist/composer Pushkar (Ricardo Carlotto), voice trainer and composer Wendy Par and violinist Ladislav Brozman. Dr. Randy Giles advises on the academic curriculum. Rahman serves as Head Principal of the conservatory.

The conservatory includes a newly founded symphony orchestra — both to serve as a resident studio orchestra to perform music for his own compositions, but also to perform for the general public in Chennai and elsewhere in India. The conservatory offers courses at Beginners, Foundation and Diploma level. The goal is to bring talented aspirants to the highest standards in proficiency and musical skills.

The Conservatory states:

The vision of the KM Music Conservatory is to develop and nurture an education in music for all who have the passion to learn. We hope to expand the horizons of musicians in India by creating an awareness of Western music and Music Technology, while continuing to respect and strengthen the art of Indian music.
With the recent hiring of renowned pianist Surojeet Chatterji, the Conservatory boasts of a strong Piano faculty. Having studied at the Moscow Conservatory under Irina Smorodinova and Rudolf Kehrer, Chatterji is part of a pianistic legacy which includes celebrated figures such as Gilels and Leschetzky, and going all the way to Beethoven himself.[3] He is one of the few Indian exponents of the Russian School of Piano playing.

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